Dax Pew: the “Dewde”

Jensyn Smith

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Varsity basketball player for Davis High School has played for the Darts since his sophomore year, but has played competitively since he was an 8 year old little dude.

Dax originally started playing basketball in third grade because his parents thought that it would be something fun for him to do. Basketball grew into something he became passionate about. He had the opportunity to travel for basketball to places such as California, North Carolina, and Oregon.

“Traveling is such a wonderful way to explore your passions, adding so much more to the original experience.” -Davis High Student

Starting at such a young age has lead him to playing at Centennial Junior High and then onto Davis High School and has always been a varsity starter. So much talent and hard work being put to use and could most definitely open up college opportunities. Not only is there the aspect of education, but the social aspect does come into play.

While in the present there is an open family-like community within the basketball team, at one point everyone has their own set “cliques.” This provided a lot of trial with the united aspect of the team as people and as players.

“Basketball has always been a sport worth while for me. I know that so many people don’t have the opportunity to have a team that is your second family. I always look forward to games and practices for the soul reason of being to spend time with them.” – Basketball Team Member

Not only does he adore his basketball career, but also adores Disney, in fact, he can quote the entire Lion King movie by heart. This is not the only TV related hobby of his. Last year alone he spent just about every moment of free time, whether it be in the car or doing chores, listening to Disney music.

Dax is a great basketball player and is loved by many for his efforts and personality on and off the basketball court.