Costa Vida in Kaysville

Jensyn Smith

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February 25, 2020

The thought of going to Costa Vida and feeling the blast of air conditioning on their face on a warm summer day goes through the minds of Kaysville residents because of the new location that opened up less than a year ago.

The work environment at the Costa Vida in Kaysville is fun and bright! The bright colors of the chairs and decorations will ensure that you are in a positive environment. People who visit are ready to have some yummy food to sit and enjoy themselves.

Costa vida has such a variety of foods and everyone is sure to find something that they like. The best part is that you can watch them make the food right in front of their eyes, ensuring that the customer knows exactly what they’re eating and how it was made.

Customer, Gay Bennett, offers some insight on her experience at the Kaysville location.

“I like the Kaysville location better than the Farmington location because it is more open, seems cleaner, and less stuffy.”

Working at Costa Vida is a great job for high schoolers because it pays well, people work well together, and, of course, the food is delicious! Working here is a great way to be social with others and to get out of your comfort zone. Working with the same people everyday is a great way to form friendships with people. Having good friendships at work makes for a better experience and something that doesn’t feel like work.

Julie one of the Costa Vida employees says,

“We’re all pretty close and have fun working together.”

Costa vida has a fast pace work environment because everybody in Kaysville loves Costa Vida. This location opened up Spring of 2019, which was a success to everyone in K-town. Since this Costa Vida is new and exciting everybody wants to be apart of it all. Davis High school students go here for lunch because its so close and convenient.

This new location has become a new hot spot in Kaysville for the residents and students living her. It has provided many teenagers job opportunities and is already a successful business location in its short life span of only one year.