D’ette’s Service Project

Kennedie Shepherd

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State HOSA Preview
March 15, 2020

Days for Girls has been a very impactful foundation for women around the word. The Davis High D’ettes had the oppurtunity to help prepare kits for the women with the foundation.

The goal of the Days for Girls foundation is to,

“change the status quo through quality menstrual care solutions, health education, and income-generating oppurtunities that give back days of oppurtunity and health.”

They give women in third world countries kits with hygienic products to help health care and quality of life. The foundation has been working since 2008 and today reaches more than one million women and girls in more than 125 countries.

On February 19th, the D’ettes were able to help prepare these hygiene kits.

“We were all split up into different groups where we were assigned a small task that went into making a kit.”

Explains Bella Iannone,

“Whether it was cutting fabric, threading straps in the bags, or sewing, etc.”

They put a lot of work into this project and they came out of it with a new perscpective on the world.

“It was very eye opening to us -all the things we take for granted each day- hygiene items that we have easy access to, that girls in other parts of the world don’t have readily available to them.”

Said Celesta Stephenson.

They are all glad they got t be involved in this impactful foundation and to have this oppurtunity.

The D’ettes totaled forty hours of service for these women. They prepared many kits and helped so many women.

“Since we have 39 girls on our team the women with days for girls that was working us said we got weeks worth of kits done.”

Said Bella Iannone.

The team loved being able to help so many women around the world.

Coach Celesta Stephenson shared her opinion on the turn-out of the project,

“It was a great service and we left feeling happy with what we were able to contribute.”

This was a great opportunity for the team to bond and give back to their community and those in need.