Hair color: style vs. stereotype

Jacob Thayne

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Photo cred: Pinterest

Most people who walk through the halls of Davis High notice that some students have exotic hair color. Some adults especially in Utah feel that unnatural hair colors are showing the image of that person’s life, mostly bad things about that person’s life.

Many people have heard the dumb blonde jokes, however these may just feel like jokes to the person telling them. However, they can be extremely damaging and is extremely derogatory. Most people stereotype people based on their hair color, some people even go to the point of placing them in groups based on their hair color.

Blue hair color used to be a bad thing but with more and more people dyeing their hair unnatural colors blue hair has risen up to one of the most popular colors along with purple and red. Lots of people with dyed hair hear the same things all the time, usually along the lines of “Are you just trying to be rebellious?” However, most people just want to be unique and put a new spin on their hair that expresses their personality as artistic or fun. Most people just want to express who they are.

Most schools across the U.S. do not allow distracting hair color in school, however, the students of Dais High should thank the administration for allowing colored hair in the school, and with times changing more and more people will continue to dye their hair and or try it out for the first time. Hopefully the students of Davis High will take this to heart and continue being awesome and accepting people for who they are. Hopefully the people with exotic hair colors will hear less and fewer remarks toward their hair until there are no problems or anything that makes artistic people nervous or scared.