Davis High constitutional convention makes changes to our school constitution

Isaac Chamberlain

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Photo cred: https://hooversun.com/opinion/reader-opinion/

February 25th was the day of Davis High’s constitutional convention. This was where every student government member, two representatives from each student government organization, and a representative from every school sanctioned extra curricular club got to vote on whether previously made changes should be put into place in our school constitution. The vote was unanimous for the changes.

This year, changes range from specifying the duty of Dartman to school election rules. The Dartman has always been the school mascot, but now he has a fairly new position as one of the officers as well. This year, they specified the election process for the Dartman. His election is still very similar to elections for other positions in the school. His process includes completing a portfolio similar to the final Student Body Officer candidates.

For the upcoming election, the school included regulations for poster sizes and rules for campaigning on social media. Now posters and banners can only be hung with tape that leaves no residue, and glitter of any kind may not be used. For the election, Each candidate has to agree to attend mandatory leadership training if elected. For campainging, social media advertisements must be approved by the administration. Another rule says that any campaigning beyond posters, social media, and word of mouth is not allowed and will result in the person being removed from the ballot. This includes backpack signs, shirts, and car decorating to not be allowed; things that were very prevalent in last year’s election. The intent of these rules are to make the upcoming election more inclusive and fair to our students.

Many students at Davis High don’t even know that there is a school constitution, let alone a constitutional convention. However, the constitutional convention affects on Davis are definitely there. For example, over the time that Davis High has existed, wording for the school song has changed at least five times because of the constitutional convention. More recently, one year posters were banned near the stairwell, in order to stop potential fire hazard’s. The changes made in our constitution helps make this school a safer place.

Another reason for the changes is to make students feel like things are run the right way. Mrs. Barney commented on how the constitution is there to let everybody know that everything is run fairly at Davis and people can’t just make changes to the school rules whenever they want.

Hopefully these changes in the school constitution can make elections more fair for students. For those of you who want to get in to the student government next year, remember that petitions for the election start Monday, March 2nd.