Mr. Williams prepares students with the new Organic Chemistry class

Isaac Chamberlain

With college just around the corner, it seems like many students are worried about the change in difficulty between high school and college. Mr. Williams, a general chemistry teacher here at Davis High, is trying to bridge that gap with a new class, Organic Chemistry.

Mr. William’s passion for teaching is clearly evident when he talks about his goal of getting students prepared for the college course in high school. So why is it so important to him?

Organic Chemistry is widely known as one of the hardest classes in college.

The class in college for many is a required one. It is a class taught at each university and is a field that has more future careers associated with it than just regular chemistry. It is also required to get into med school, to many future nurses dismay.

Mr. Williams tells a story of a few years earlier when he had to go to the ER. He started talking to the nurse at the hospital, and upon learning that he knew Organic Chemistry, the nurse asked for help with her Organic Chemistry homework. Through his sickness, Mr. Williams complied. This shows the difficulty of the college course, a challenge that Mr. Williams hopes to lessen with the Organic Chemistry high school class.

So how hard is the class in high school? Although Mr. Williams is super invested in making students ready for the college course, he is equally sure to go at each student’s own pace. On the very first day of class, Mr. Williams said that if you truly try in his class, you will most likely get an A.

Not only will the class be useful for college, it is also a very fun and interesting subject to learn.

Each student seems to love the class and the teacher, joking around while still being able to solve problems that only around 30 people in the whole school know how to solve, including the 15 who are currently taking the class.

Although Mr. Williams has goals of taking the class in a harder direction in future years, having it geared for people who took AP chemistry, as of now the class is open to everyone. There are even two students in the class who haven’t taken General Chemistry at all!

This class is great for anyone who loves problem solving, chemistry, or just for people who love joking around with the teacher.

If you are interested in taking the class next year, go to room 2315 and ask Mr. Williams for more information.