2020 SBO Elections

Julia Last

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Election season is back, and it’s time to vote for Student Body Officers again. Primary elections will occur the March 9-14 and final elections the week after. With the new changes to the Davis High Constitution, elections will be better than ever.  

The changes to the Davis High Constitution made on February 25, 2020, aim to make elections more fair and focus more on the candidates rather than their campaign material. Changes included poster size regulations, social media rules, and a ban on campaign shirts, backpack signs, car decorations, etc…  

These changes force candidates to rely on their outreach and word of mouth rather than the size of their poster. Banning campaign materials outside of posters give every candidate a chance and prevents students from spending too much money on their campaign. Elections this year are bound to be different than they’ve ever been. Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen all get to vote for representatives from their grade and for Student Body President.  

To run, pick up an election packet in Mr. Gunn’s room 1801. A mandatory election meeting is on Friday, March 6thTeachers and Administration go over applications and approve of eligible students, and help candidates run their campaign. Mason Child, a Senior Officer, has been a part of student council since 9th grade, so he has a lot of experience. The key to a good campaign, he said, is a great original pun for your posters.  

Mason’s favorite part of SBO elections is the thrill and build-up before the results are announced. Running for SBO is a good opportunity to get to know more students around the school and be more involved in student events. Student Body Officers go to games, plan student activities, and meet new students. Voting opens on myDSD soon, so make sure to look out for posters and candidates the next couple of weeks.