Earthquake death wish: shop students

Jacob Thayne

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Car on a lift in a car repair station

With the impact of online school you may be wondering how shop students are supposed to get the work done. The truth is they can’t, however some teachers are allowing students to come into the shop to change car oil or use the lathes. But wait what about Covid-19? The teachers that are allowing shop students to come to the school are setting up appointments and only allowing a small amount of students to be in the shop at a time. What do students think of this?

“It is a huge blessing because I payed a lot of money to take this class.”

“I don’t have a lift at my house so changing brakes and oil is much easier to do in the shop.”

However this is a blessing now it looks like a curse. With the earthquake that happened on 3/18/2020 the school is being evacuated and no teachers are at the school.

You probably know about the infamous A-building, the building that looks 300 years old behind Davis High. This building is a concern for most parents because sending a child to a non-earthquake proof building is like a death wish. However if the building is deemed safe then hopefully parents will continue to send students to finish projects and hopefully allow students to return to school soon.