Isabel McKay: Davis High Alumni

Ethan McKay

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April 28, 2021

Isabel McKay is a Davis High alumni that had a better time in school because “It was normal back than.” as she said. She graduated in the class of 2019 and had a great time doing it.

During the interview, I asked what she was doing now that she was out of high school. “I am going to online school at Utah State University and also finishing hair school at DTC.” While she was attending her senior year at Davis High, she was working, as well as attending hair school, so she could start a good safe career right out of high school.

I asked what it was like looking back at high school and what she missed the most. “I miss the consistent relationships and friend groups that I got to see and talk to every day.” She has had less people to see because she has had to start her own life and make her own choices. The next question I asked was if she thinks going to school now is better or worse than it was when she was there.

“I think it is worse now. My class was close, and they made the most of everything and they tried to do the best they could with what they had.”

She had an awesome class and a lot of good people to go to school with, but she would still struggle with normal stuff that present students struggle with. One of the most interesting questions that was asked was what she was going to do as a career.

“I am working towards being a speech pathologist and would be able to work with young kids with speech impediments.” Then I asked a question about present school and how she thinks the schools are handling Covid-19.

“Yes, they are handling it well with the knowledge and recourses they have.” She has also dealt with this going to hair school because they can only go so long and so often and they cannot be right next to each other.

When she was here, she enjoyed her time and she was able to move on and have a happy life. Looking back, she misses it and wishes she could come back.