Davis Students pick their GOAT between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

Tyler Tynsky

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Davis Students pick their GOAT between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

I asked 9 Davis students who they think the greatest basketball player of all time is.

My prediction was that students who are more into basketball and like to play and watch basketball would probably choose Lebron because they have grown up their whole lives watching him dominate the NBA. On the other hand, I predicted that students who did not care for basketball as much would vote for Michael Jordan because he may be the most well-known basketball player worldwide.

One of the main points usually brought up when having this debate is that Jordan went 6 for 6 in the finals while LeBron is only 4 for 10, however, this isn’t really a fair point because it brings down Lebron for making it to the finals even though that is a great achievement in and of itself, but to be fair Michael Jordan does have more rings.

“Jordan was the better overall player, the best of his time.”

Explains student Nolan Crook.

“Jordan, but basketball is bad.”

Argues student Carter Wall.

This goes along with my prediction that students who aren’t into basketball would choose Jordan because it is the more popular choice.

“Lebron James is the more dominant player and he’s been the best player in three different decades now.”

Says student Braxton Christenson.

Out of the 9 people I asked this question to, 4 answered that LeBron James is the goat and 5 claimed that Michael Jordan is the goat. This shows that high school-age kids of this generation still respect Michael Jordan more even though most of them probably haven’t witnessed Jordan’s greatness firsthand as they have with Lebron’s. Although, if the population size of students I ask increased in size, the answer might shift.

Despite the debate between Lebron and Jordan, most people do agree that they are the top two best players of all time.