Daniel summerhays’s legendary year of teaching

Tyler Tynsky

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Daniel summerhayss legendary year of teaching

Daniel Summerhays is a retired PGA golfer who came to Davis high school to be a golf coach and pass on his knowledge of leadership and sports.

While in his Professional career as a golfer coach Summerhays had 3 amateur wins and 1 professional win

When asked about how his first year was overall he said

“It has been great, I really enjoyed getting to know some of the students, however, some of the rules and Covid-19 restrictions have been difficult”

Coach Summerhays shared that he will not be coming back next year. this means students lucky enough to have him as a teacher got to enjoy their only year of teaching.

Some of the classes that Coach Summerhays taught were sports marketing, indoor lifetime activities, and leadership. His favorite class to teach was leadership.

When asked about how it was being the golf coach he said

” I enjoyed it, it was great to help some kids out and build good relationships with them.”

He said his favorite time with the golf team was in the championship where they were doing well and were up for the majority of the game, until the very end when the other team managed to slightly nudge out the lead and they ended up taking second.

When asked how he felt about daniel Summerhays as a teacher-student eric beck said “He is a good teacher and he keeps the students engaged and he does a good job at keeping the students active.

My personal opinion on Coach Summerhays is that he does a great job at establishing relationships with his students and he does a fantastic job at making classes fun and interesting.

His closing remarks were that he had learned a lot and feels like he will always be involved in the lives of high school-age youth.