Davis Lacrosse summary

Tyler Tynsky

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Davis high’s lacrosse team saw a lot of success this year with an 89% win rate and they took region.

Davis high boys lacrosse took first in the 6A region 1 with an undefeated 14 and 0 record.

Overall Davis High boy’s record for the 20-21 season was 16-2, giving them an 89% win rate for the season.

Davis’s boy team had a 7-0 record on the road and a 9-2 record at home.

Davis’s boy’s lacrosse team’s biggest win this year was a 20-0 win against their rival Layton high school. It’s also nice to beat Layton especially when it’s a blowout like this one.

When Davis High lacrosse player and SBO Perry Sundstrom was asked about his favorite moment in the lacrosse season he said

” When we beat Layton by 20″ he also said, ” Layton team sucks”.

This season Davis Highs boys lacrosse roster had 39 players, 20 of whom were seniors, so this might affect the team next year because they will be losing over half of their total team.

Davis High school also has a girls lacrosse team that did very well this year as well with an 82% win rate.

“Lacrosse is fun to watch,” explains Jared Clark.

The girl’s team also took first in their region this year, their record in the region was 13-1 and their overall record was 14-3 great job Davis high girls lacrosse.

Just like the boy’s team, the girls were also 7-0 on the road looks like Davis takes care of business on the road, and their home record was 7-3.

lacrosse is a fairly new sport in the high school scene yet it is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting sports in high school and Davis is sure glad to have a team for both the boys and the girls at our school. We hope Davis lacrosse can perform just as well or even better next year.