To chew or not “chew”


At first glance, gum usage during the pandemic has seemed to drastically decline; as we look deeper into the validity of the previous statement, we’ll also get a look inside Davis High students’ varying opinions on gum.

With the pandemic recently hitting its one year anniversary, our faces and mouths seem to have taken a toll. Breath seems less important, and masks can make it hard to chew gum anyhow.

“I use less gum, cause the mask filters out the bad breath anyways.” says Charlie Zaugg about masks affecting his gum usage.

While some agree with Zaugg, others tend to over-correct and use twice as much gum!

A recent survey revealed that the average Davis High student goes through 3 packs of gum a month. This may come as a surprise considering the amount of bad breath still out there.

Sub-consciously, when you realize this you’d instantly think to pop a piece of gum in. As you reach into your backpack or pocket, you realize you have options. And the big question now is: what flavor?

“If you have mint, it’ll freaking destroy your eyeballs.” says Taig Olsen explaining why mint gum and masks don’t mix.

Given the previous information, some students opt for other flavors. Popular opinions included: cinnamon, sweet mint, and an overwhelming majority for watermelon.

“Cause if I just want gum for enjoyment, I’ll go with watermelon. But if I need it for my breath I’ll go with mint.” says Kyler Ito, explaining his choice of flavors.

That’s why it is essential to have a complete gum arsenal, one with all flavors for all situations. Some kids stock up, so that they never have to go without their favorite flavor.

So whether its Trident or Extra, mint or cinnamon; gum has seen it all and is in it for the long haul. Imagine a flavorful explosion dancing across your taste-buds, the waft of mint energizing your breath with every passing second: that’s how it feels to chew 5 Gum.