Stay positive, test negative: End of school year activities that should be on your radar


Luke Weston

With the end of the school year coming to a close, there are a lot of events and activities that all students, parents and teachers should be aware of.

Here at Davis we’re finishing the year off strong despite challenges with covid and all the troubles that come with learning while in a global pandemic. We are looking forward to bringing it to a close in the funnest and safest way possible.

“Senior prom was a blast, so I’m super stoked for cotillion. It’ll be a super fun way to end the school year.” says senior Gabe Franklin.

For seniors cotillion is the last dance of the year… it is on the 28th and starts at 7:00 pm. Cotillion is a stag dance where you go alone and with friends and just have a great time.

“It’s been so long in the making and it’s weird to say that it’s over… but it’s finally over.” – senior Gage Bowles.

Graduating is such a big deal and we should be so proud of all the seniors we know that have made it that far. Even if you’re not a senior, advancing a grade and passing your classes is a huge deal and is something you should be proud of accomplishing. Graduation this year will be held June 1st, at the Dee Events Center in Ogden. Seniors and their families are invited to attend, although make sure to check cause covid restrictions may apply.

The last few weeks of school are jam packed with big sports games and state events. Girls lacrosse has state finals on the 28th, and boys on the 29th. There are also baseball state finals the week of the 24th.

“It’s a huge last couple of weeks, and it sounds like there are some HUGE games that are really important to the players and their teams.” says sophomore Spencer Swain about the last few weeks.