Jamming Davis


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Jamming Davis

Music is a big deal in a lot of people’s lives. Some people use music as a stress reliever. Some people use music to hype themselves up, and some people just like to listen. At Davis, there are lots of different ways people listen to music.

Luke Weston listens to music when he wants to vibe and Jam out. “I love listening to folk and indie alternative music because it makes me feel so good.”

This is a good way to really relax and just focus on the music. Different types of music can give you different vibes. For example, when you listen to folk music you get more chill vibes and when you listen to rock music you get more hype vibes.

Spencer Swain listens to music when he wants to sing along to it. “I love to sing as loud as I can and express myself through my music.”

Music can be a great a great way to express your emotions and have fun. “You can either listen to music based off of your emotions or you can listen to music based on the emotions you would like to feel.” Says Gabe Franklin.

“I listen to rap when I want to tune Gabe out,” Says Grace Clark.

Sometimes music is used to tune others out. It is a good way to distract yourself from the chaos of life and just have a good time listening to music. It can be a good way to cool down and re-center yourself. Music can also help you connect with people. Taig Olsen says, “I love to listen to music at parties so I can set a fun mood.”

Music is so diverse and can be used in so many different ways. From listening in the car to listening with friends, music shapes the way kids at Davis High live their lives.