She’s a runner, she’s a track star…


Whether it’s the 200m, 400m, hurdles or pole vault, there is no denying that track is an insane sport, encompassing some of the most impressive and top tier athletes around. Running is hard work, so anyone who can do it even half decently is a skilled athlete with insane control over their body and mind.

With State around the bend, and regions coming up even sooner this is how the Davis High Track team is preparing to place big.

“We are seeded really good this year; not that other years weren’t, but we are doing really well.” says senior Shelby Steele about upcoming meets.

The team is having everyone try events to score points more consistently as well as fine-tuning techniques to improve speed in each event, Parker Sagers, senior and captain on the team, explained giving a look into the team’s strategy going into upcoming meets.

“We have region coming up soon- I think we have a chance at it so there’s a lot of prep with finding the balance between hard work to get faster and staying healthy. Injuries are always a challenge, so finding that balance is important.” Melodee Waddoups on some challenges.

That has never been more true; obviously we want to push ourselves and teammates to do better and be faster, but too much of that and you’ll exhaust yourselves, and are then more injury prone. So in the long run it is more beneficial to find that happy medium: the sweet spot between pushing it to the limit and improving, and getting worn out and injured.

Every athlete faces injuries and has to find a way to push through them. The Davis track team is no exception.

“Some challenges I have faced is injury with shin splints and having to train through it. Lots of ibuprofen for meets and practice have gotten me through it all.” says Parker.

Davis High track athletes put so much time into making our school the best team possible. It’s the little things that prove to be crucial in being successful. The little points here and there that’ll allow us to pull ahead of other teams, and to come through with the win.