Student Spotlight: Luke Weston

Luke Weston

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Student Spotlight: Luke Weston

Luke Weston is a sophomore at Davis High. “Luke is going places,” said a fellow student at Davis High.

And they aren’t wrong! Luke has used the money he earned at his job to start his own aerating business. “I had rented some out with my dad when I was younger and it really made me want to do it on my own because then I could choose my own hours and work whenever I want, ” Said Luke when asked about what inspired him to start his business.

He turned a successful childhood business into his own business. He used ingenuity and what he knew about entrepreneurship to start this business. The hardest thing for him to start up his business was the initial expense. Aerators are a rare asset to have because they are expensive. Putting down the money for the aerator was hard, but he quickly made it back.

“I am so glad I started this business, because I have learned a lot stuff and made lots of money,” said Luke.

Even though it took a lot of work for him to start his business it was still worth it. For anybody that is interested in starting their own business, Luke has some advice for you. “Don’t think of the initial investment as losing money. Think of it as putting the money into an asset that will bring you more money in the future, and that will help you to start a business with less guilt.”

This is great advice that you should really take into consideration if you are starting up your own business. If you want to make money, learn a lot about handling clients and coworkers, then you should consider starting your own business. Luke has reasonable prices and quality aerating. “Hit me up if you want your lawn aerated or fertilized! My digits are 801-227-9358,” says Luke.