IFSO- Intersectional Feminist Service Outreach

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Get ready Davis High, IFSO (Intersectional Feminist Service Outreach) is coming to Davis this October. The new club will be advised by Mr. Hatch, who teaches American Civilization.
Mr. Hatch says he accepted the role of advisor to offer “a space” for students interested in participating. IFSO aims to educate and empower students through mini-lessons, workshops, and service projects every term. While a feminist club will generally focus on women’s issues, the class is open to students of all genders.
Intersectionality is the interconnected nature of certain groups, examining the crossover of race, gender, and class in said group. The club purposely puts intersectionality at its center, with the hope to bring light to issues for all women, all over the world. Hatch says that intersectionality helps people to understand complexity and how different social issues are connected.
Many prospective club members look forward to the comradery of like-minded people. In fact, community is meant to be one of the main benefits. Future member Allie Erickson looks forward to “bringing a sense of community between all people because [the club] is inclusive”.
“I’m looking forward to making new friends who I get along with that I can talk about more sensitive subjects with,” says prospective member Kate Hessenthaler.
With so many misconceptions about what feminism is, and why it’s still necessary, some may ask; what is the point of feminism?
“I honestly feel like there are inequities within our society that need to be addressed,” says Hatch.
Through service projects and education, IFSO will do its part in addressing said inequities.
“Fair wages, equal opportunities and health rights.” Explains Erickson, when asked what she feels feminism fights for.
“Something that’s needed for the growth of everyone,” Says Hessenthaler, when explaining what feminism is.
Overall, IFSO aims to empower Davis High students and the community around them. Hopefully, the club will add more social consciousness to the Davis High student body and understanding between students of different backgrounds and opinions.