Aaron Lowe tragedy leaves the Utah Utes in heartbreak for second time

Mason Gagner

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January 5, 2022

Utah Utes defensive back Aaron Lowe was fatally shot and killed Sunday morning following the team’s win against Washington State. The event occurred at a house party in the Sugarhouse neighborhood where a fight including weapons broke out shortly after midnight.

“I think that this is a very sad thing that happened to a good man, and this should not have to happen to anyone, but sadly it does happen and it’s terrible” Ashton Bond from Davis High states.

A second individual who has not been disclosed was also injured and is currently in the hospital. The shooter and reasoning behind the fight is unknown. All who were in attendance of the party are being asked about the events of the night.

Bond also says, “The effect it has on the local community is huge since this is the second time within a year. Once a community that may have felt safe is now checking their shoulders everywhere trying to stay out of trouble.”

Lowe’s passing occurred close to a year after close friend Ty Jordan from the Utes was also shot and killed at a Christmas party. Lowe switched to Jordan’s jersey number in honor of his late friend. Ute fans and Utahns across the state are once again heartbroken over tragedy less than a year apart. How to address the issue is a question needing an answer.

“Absolutely there should be something done to address the issue,” says Bond, “For instance honoring the life Aaron Lowe lost just last week to a shooting similar to his friend and former teammate Ty Jordan with a scholarship being awarded to someone who has honored them.”

Honoring and creating awareness of these issues leads to more thought of how these things can be avoided. The answer to prevent such occurrences is complex, and may never find a concrete result.