Double Dipping: Big Daddy’s Pizza

Ian Jensen

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George Blue

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David Portnoy or better know as the “El Presidente” is the founder of Barstool Sports. One of the most popular segments on the Barstool Sports YouTube channel is Barstool Pizza Reviews.


Starting in 2015, Portnoy goes around New York City tasting different pizza. He takes one bite from the actual pizza and one bite from the crust. He then rates the pizza out of 10 and describes why he gave it that rating.


These videos have gone viral with people flowing in his footsteps. Portnoy has done hundreds of pizza reviews. This idea has created an app called One Bite where people can review pizza and see how others review the pizza.


Portnoy and Barstool Sports recently released a new frozen pizza called One Bite Pizza with mixed reviews from the public. The pizza is being sold at Walmart in a 1 pack and 4 pack.


Davis High News has decided to launch their own food review videos called “Double Dipping with Frey.” Ian Jensen and George Blue will first review the food on location at the restaurant and then bring the food back and have the Davis High News Advisor review it as well.


This will be a new weekly series brought to you, right here on Davis High News.