The most persistent myth in education

Tristan Perry

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“This will Revolutionize education” there has never been a prediction that has been wrong so many times with so many different technologies. 

Like in 1922 when Tomas Edison said, “The motion picture is destined to revolutionize our educational system and that in a few years, it will supplant largely, if not entirely, the use of textbooks”. 

And just under 100 years later He’s still wrong. textbooks are still largely used today around the world even with the internet being the biggest educational platform in the world textbooks are still used today. 

In the 1930’s it was radio the thought was you could have experts talk over the radio to students to increase the educational system and now radio is hardly used due to phones that aren’t used in the same way either. 

And in the 1950s and 1960s educational TV was made thinking it would be Revolutionary for classes and whale this had a greater success school has been the same for over 150 years now. 

So, there were some studies to decide if students learn better from a live lecture or a recorded one played in an adjacent room to figure out which was better for learning. 

And in the ’80s there were no debating computers were the revolutionary answer to our educational system. They were audiovisual, interactive, and could be programmed to do anything. 

And even in the ’90s, people hadn’t learned from the past and smeary & Boyet Sayed this “the use of videodiscs in classroom instruction is increasing every day and promises to revolutionize what will happen in the classroom of tomorrow” and again they were wrong.

Most people in high school now have barely ever use DVDs let alone in the classroom because DVDs have been outdated since the early 2000s. 

so, for the 7th time, modern technology has appeared people think it will revolutionize the school system. And they have been proven wrong every time because the core of how people learn hasn’t changed. 

nowadays there are a bunch of modern technologies that will “revolutionize” learning like Laptops, tablets, smartboards, smartphones, etc… And these have revolutionized other areas of life and not school’s but why? 

Some might blame the government for lack of funding and not putting modern technology into full effect. But the major issue is the education system doesn’t need technology. 

Scientists for years have been researching what educative method is better than another like animation vs PowerPoints and similar experiments and the result was no significant difference. 

This means if the material is the same the results are the same even though animation seems to be a lot better than a picture with some text it’s not. 

Because the issue with animation is that the words aren’t there and the issue with PowerPoints is that the pictures don’t show everything, the issue is our brains. 

Brains are complex and everybody has a different one with diverse needs, desires, and goals. There can’t be technology that changes the way students think about subjects or gets students excited. 

The things that make us learn are hard if you aren’t thinking hard in school, you aren’t learning and aminations for some kids just mean sleep time. 

The amount of learning a student gets comes from their head if you are interested and want to learn something it sticks with you for a long time, sometimes forever. 

“Scientists spent so much time trying to figure out which media makes kids smarter but failed to research how to use the technology more effectively,” said Derek muller an educational YouTuber with a Ph.D. in physics. 

Scientists need to find out how to use the best media in the best way to make meaningful thought processes to make any progress with education. and that research is being conducted right now. 

but for now, schools will proceed as always with one teacher 20-30 kids doing tests taking notes getting graded this was how school was taught back in the 1850s, and it’s how school is taught in 2021.

So, who knows education could be under a revolution right now, but the odds are 1 in 7 so it might be another 100 years who knows?