Better than Mo’ Bettahs?

Sonali Harangaonker

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Beauty or Effort
January 5, 2022

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Mo’ Bettahs is a family-owned restaurant located in Layton, as well as a franchise all over Utah they are known for its humble, and delicious food.  

Kimo and Kalani are two brothers who came from Hawaii knowing that this area was a beautiful place to start their business. They started their restaurant last year on October 17, 2020. They own a family-friendly restaurant on Main Street.  

During the pandemic, Mo’ Bettahs had their difficulties. Pricing on supplies went up, short-staffed, and fewer managers to work shifts. Their curbside and over-the-phone deliveries helped keep their business afloat and brought more customers.  

“I was working one day and at the drive-through, a 16-year-old girl pulled up and I complimented her dog, Later I saw her and she told me that she started working at the same place as me, all I did was compliment her dog and because of that she was touched,” said Hailee Hotz.  

At their restaurant customers are greeted with Aloha spirit. They have a variety of cultures mixed in their food Korean, Chinese, Polynesian, and Hawaiin. They make many dishes with different spice levels and have many vegetarian options.  

Holding onto bad reviews and uplifting yourself after those comments is difficult to do. Hotz says, “staying calm and taking what they say as constructive feedback is the best way to go, we have jobs because of those customers it’s important we are kind.” 

“I personally love Hawaiin food and the culture itself. I have been to Hawaii 4 times and to many islands. Local food and food trucks in the area are amazing. I love getting any seafood because it’s so fresh and delicious,” said Juanita Olsen.