Stuck at home with a killer disease

Melanie Ruiz

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Stuck at home with a killer disease

COVID-19 has been ripping throughout the population for two years, infection and/or killing people. COVID is a thing to fear, something that will be around for the rest of our lives, the only way to help slow things down is to wear masks and get vaccinated.

There are not many people in Utah that haven’t gotten the disease yet, but those people are going to end up getting it eventually. Many of the students at Davis High are not vaccinated, some by choice others because their parents don’t want them to be because of their political views.

It’s time to stop and think for a moment, it is time to think about how it is affecting out community by not getting vaccinated. By not getting the vaccine you are potentially giving others COVID and putting them and their loved ones in harm’s way.

Recent studies show that 61% percent of the Utah population has gotten at least one of their doses. However, only 53% of the Utah population has been fully vaccinated. That means only a little bit more than have the population is safe.

In Davis County alone almost 300 people have died from this respiratory disease, in Utah there are over 3,000 deaths. This needs to stop, people are dying because other people aren’t getting vaccinated. Getting vaccinated is something that will not only save you, but also a countless number of other people.

People who are choosing not to get vaccinated are saying “My body my choice,” but these are the same people who think abortion is sinful. If it is really “my body my choice” then they have no right to tell people, they are not allowed to get an abortion because it is their body.

There are many people who are dying from the disease that are saying on their death beds that they wish they had gotten vaccinated. The ages of people that have been dying have gotten younger and younger because they aren’t protecting themselves in anyway from this disease.