Davis girls basketball dominates Clearfield

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Davis girls basketball dominates Clearfield

Teamwork has been the MO for the girls’ basketball team and that clearly proved to be true on their Region 1 battle on Tuesday night.

Kendra Kitchen, who was the teams’ second-highest scorer in Tuesday’s game, says that “working as a team” and “not letting up” is what led the team to victory.

The scoring distribution was very diverse with two scorers in double digits. Kendra Kitchen scored 15 points while Kylee Mabrey added 11. Additionally, unlike Clearfield, every player on Davis’s team scored at least 2 points.

Davis also wowed the crowd with a collection of 4 3-pointers.

Kitchen says they got to the free throw line so often by “just being aggressive and driving, no matter if there’s contact or not, just pushing through the contact and physicality.”

However, the team did not reach this game’s level of excellence without preparation. “We knew it was going to be tough, so we just had to prepare for certain players that we had challenges with the last game and just keep them under control and play through it,” says Kitchen.

Overall, the team won with energy and teamwork. Summarizing, Kitchen states, “Everyone played great, I think the environment was good and everyone had energy, and everyone was just hyping each other up.”