Films Studies with Mr. Wright

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Films Studies is a class that is offered to every student at Davis High. It is taught by Mr. Wright. In this class students are taught what goes on in order to make a film. You will watch movies after a brief overview of the film, then have a class discussion, and learn to appreciate the art of film.

This class allows you to see movies that you might not otherwise watch. They start off with movies that impacted the film industry in monumental ways. For example the movie Citizen Cane produced in 1941 by Orson Welles. Movies like these used techniques we see in film today. After watching this movie students discussed what they saw and noticed about the movie.

“The Cinematography was groundbreaking for the time and it was one of the first sound pictures.” explained Max Cheney a senior at Davis High.

Another Genre covered in the class is documentaries. movies like Free Solo, and My Teacher Octopus. These movies depict real life events and challenges people face. For example in Free Solo, Alex Honnold faces a life threatening climb up the 3,000ft El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. He did this climb with no equipment. The ways they depict real fear in this documentary was unreal.

Currently the class is focusing on pop culture films such as, Back To The Future. This is a classic film and had to be shown to students who have never seen it because it is so good. The students in this class say this is the best class Davis High has to offer. Students say all kids who come to Davis should take this class.

“I love film studies because I’m able to appreciate and have meaningful conversations about great films and what makes them great.” said Malachi Mann, a senior at Davis High.

The teacher is also loved by every student. He is a film enthusiast who loves to teach students about the art of film. He makes sure every movie is appreciated, and recognizes the beauty behind it. Make sure to consider this class if you haven’t already taken it, and are interested in film.