Thoughts on Graduation

Gabriel York Stephenson

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Davis high set graduation for May 25th and at the time of this story that gives students 2 months to prepare and finish 4th term. Graduation marks the end of High School and the beginning of life as an adult.

Most students at Davis set out to college right after graduation or go on missions for the LDS church but, for the few that aren’t entirely sure what their next step is like Mason Merback, a senior at Davis, look for options outside of the box.

Merback said “I just wanna get out on my own, I’ve been looking at a few jobs either in Alaska as a fisherman or a Bouncer at a club, I also looked at going to Beijing China as a representative from L9” after being asked what his plans are after graduation.

For the majority of students heading to college, there are some major life changes coming their way like Carson Rasmussen who is heading to Utah State in the fall and said “I’m really excited to start my collegiate career in the fall of 2022 at Utah State University” when asked about his thoughts about going to college.

Another large part of the student population coming from the LDS church set up plans to leave on missions. They often receive calls in the summer after graduation but some even receive their calls before they graduate as some have down now.

Regardless of what students choose to do after High school graduation is a big milestone in life and should be celebrated by everyone. Graduation can be a stressful time for students that aren’t entirely sure what their next step is but all you can do is take it one thing at a time and be proud that you even graduated.