Upset After Upset: March Madness


March madness was able to begin play this year after an unfortunate leave due to Covid last year. With the absence of the tournament last year it seems as if all the attention from then has been thrown at this years tournament. March Madness wouldn’t be madness without its signature upsets. Millions of people have posted there brackets with some betting thousands of dollars and now according to ESPN there are no longer any perfect brackets out there.

This year has been different than previous years not just because of the way the players are heading into the games but the number of upsets we have had has been much more than previous years.

For starters eleven seed UCLA took on six seed BYU to throw apart many peoples first round, UCLA won 73-62, this was just the beginning. 14 seed ACU threw apart brackets left and right when they defeated Texas who were ranked with a 3 seed.

upsets continued to rain down with a more memorable one being 15 seed Oral Roberts defeating 2nd seed Ohio state, only the second time in history of the tournament that a 15 seed has defeated a 2nd seed. as more and more upsets came peoples brackets were beginning to fall apart.

As the tournament continued into the second round there was no relief from the upsets. Loyola an 8 seed moved on to defeat number 1 seed Illinois whom many had going much further and for some they had them winning the entire thing.

the more the upsets happened the more people started to blame the rankings. “To many teams have been ranked to high”, “To many teams have been over looked because they were ranked lower” are just a few of the quotes I’ve heard around the school and online.

with second round currently going underway the tournament is just getting better. Although the upsets might not be the best for peoples brackets it definitely makes its an interesting subject to talk about.