Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

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Last weekend the Davis High advanced theater dominated their individual performances at region and took first and are now ready to open Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as a team this weekend.

The Seven Brides for Seven brothers cast along with teacher Mr. Wright are confident in their readiness to open Friday night. Maren Williams stated, “We’re really prepared, and everything is coming together perfectly, I think we’re going to do great!”

Davis High School has a well-known theater program. Mr. Wright the director is loved by all the students and works incredibly hard to put together amazing shows each year. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers however was student-directed and produced, “It really is like being a proud parent seeing them grow,” Mr. Wright said.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers opens March 25th and runs through April 1st. Darcy Pace who is playing Sarah, one of the brides, stated, “I’m feeling great about opening. The whole cast feels ready for an audience.”

Many of the advanced theater kids’ favorite show they have performed in was Bright Star. “We performed in November, and it was the best experience of my life,” Darcy explained. She continued to state, “my all-time favorite part of theater is performing for a live audience, it is the best feeling in the world.”

Preston Swenson who is playing the preacher in the play said, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is probably the most fun thing we’ve done all year, each of us put a lot of work into it and to be completely honest it’s actually pretty great!”

Maren said, “it’s one of those shows that really is perfect for every audience and is fun to watch for everyone.” Get tickets at to support the hard work the Davis High advanced theater program has put into the show.”