Senior week; celebrating graduation

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Senioritis returns
April 25, 2022

Graduation is only three weeks away and to celebrate the senior officers have planned an exciting senior week full of activities.

Capture the flag starts on Monday and goes throughout the whole week. Tags will be handed out when you get to school on Monday morning that you must put on you backpack. Once your tag is taken off your backpack you are out of the competition.

Clues to find the flags will be posted on the Dartboard and the Davisdarts2022 Instagram page. When you find the flag you must return it to Bauer’s room. For it to count you must still have your tag on your backpack. At the end of the week the team that finds the most flags wins.

Tuesday at 8:00 at south-end will be sunset and smores. “I am so excited for our sunset and s’mores activity!” Carlie Lambert, senior class president stated. We started the year with a sunrise and now we are ending it with a sunset. “We have made everything sunset themed to show the closing of a chapter of our lives,” Lambert explained.

Wednesday and Thursday there is going to be a volleyball tournament each day starting at 7 at Barnes Park. Wednesday will be tournament play and Thursday will be “Senior Smackdown.” Thursday there will also be a party with food and music while watching the final game.

You can also order pizza and crazy bread to get delivered to you during 7th period on Thursday. You have to preorder by the Friday before, $7.50 for a whole pizza and $5 for crazy bread.

On Friday the seniors will end their week with Senior Cotillion. Cotillion is a senior only, stag dance. It will be held at Warehouse 22 in Syracuse. “The theme is I Lived! We have lived through a lot, so we deserve to party,” Lambert exclaimed.

There will be prizes for all the activities so get your tickets at (Links to an external site.).