Looking back on the Garden Plot

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For the past two years, Davis High students have followed the Garden Plot, an indie band with humble beginnings in Mr. Timothy’s math class. The group, down to four members- Baxter Adams as lead singer, Tanner Stuart on guitar, Gavin Cox on bass, and Ian Edgar on drums- is enjoying their last year together before they all part ways for college.

During their short career, the Garden Plot has played shows at multiple venues, such as Kilby Court in SLC, and the Boardwalk Sound in Orem. For some members, the live performances were what kept them in it.

“Performing is just an adrenaline rush and it’s really fun, it’s really the only reason I like the band at all, because other than that it’s very tedious and frustrating,” says Cox, “but when you perform it’s all worth it.”

The band has released 5 singles: Ami, Wasting Time, Alex’s Ballad, Disaster, and Suburbs (which is their most popular song on Spotify, amassing 205,176 streams).

Of their released songs, the bands’ favorite songs are as follows:

Adams- “Released song, I’d have to say Ami, I love Ami”.

Stuart- “I probably like Wasting Time the most.”

Edgar- “We’ve got a new song, I think it’s called Witchy Woman, it’s about someone, can’t tell you who, but it cuts deep, so I hope she never finds out it’s about her.”

Cox- “Of the released ones I would say Alex’s Ballad…Because it’s calming and stuff.”

Edgar summarizes the bands’ influences, saying “I think that definitely there’s rock roots, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and stuff, but we also got stuff from Peach Pit, we listen to a lot of Peach Pit and I think that kind of seeps into the music.”

The bands’ songs are written by lead singer Baxter, who describes the writing process as, “It’s me, in my room, in my chair, I always play unplugged with an electric guitar, and then I just start with music, I’ll hash out a melody, and once I have the melody and the chords and stuff, I’ll come back to what’s the general idea of the song, and I just come back to that.”

“It usually starts out with a song from Baxter,” adds Stuart, “and that usually entails chords and not necessarily parts for each instrument, we usually write that after, so it usually starts out with no lyrics, just chord progression, and then that turns into a lead guitar, then the bass and then drums and that’s how it all comes together.”

While the fan base is aware that the band is approaching its end, what they may not know is just where the group got started. Stuart states, “We were in math class in Paul Timothy’s class and we were in the corner of the class and we were all goofing off and we decided it would be hilarious if we had our own band, because Paul is really into music, so that’s where it all started.”

“None of us played any instruments but we just wanted to play in a band because we thought it looked fun. None of us were even in the music scene either, it’s just we kind of liked music so we learned our instruments and started a band,” adds Adams.

The band has definitely made an impression on their class, offering fun memories at their concerts and songs students can look back on nostalgically.