The woman the myth the legend

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Greta Svagrova
May 11, 2022
The woman the myth the legend

Picture this… your walking through the halls of good old Davis High school, Suddenly the sirens go off and the hallway lights begin to flash. You look around in a state of awe, wondering what is causing this absurd ruckus. You look at the doors only to see an extravagant figure ascend from the outside breeze.  As you take a closer gander your pupils dilate and you realize you are in a once in a lifetime moment, you get a front row seat to see the queen herself, Miss Macie Chamberlain.

Chamberlain is a senior at Davis high school, Her red hair flows through the hallway wind and it is hard to miss her when she passes by.  If Chamberlain could describe herself in one word it would be “Rambunctious”. Chamberlain is a full time student, part time worker, and on top of that she is competing on a competition soccer team along with some Church ball thrown in here and there.

Chamberlain plans to graduate high school with her associates degree. When asked what her life is like in the process of accomplishing this goal she says “It feels like I’m riding a bike through a garden on a beautiful summer day, but the bike is on fire and the garden is on fire and everything is on fire and I’m just going with it, and at the end ill get a framed piece of paper for surviving,”

As she is slowly drowning in a meadow that resembles a melting lava pit of fire , she can slowly see a bright light flash before her eyes and thinks to herself… this is it. Suddenly she hears the voice of her English teacher and realizes the light was just her turning on the projector screen to start class.  Chamberlain tells us what helps her get through her school day with all this stress on her shoulders. “Watching Horton hears a who with Madi Fulks in English and then quoting the movie word for word…also participating in classroom discussions that make my education more meaningful.”

Watching Horton hears a who helps Chamberlain get through her education… and this leads to her fulfilling her future plans and dream career. “I want to go live in a hut in the wilderness with my dog and have a carrot farm but if that doesn’t work out I guess I would want to be an orthodontist.”

After a long day of chamberlain dreaming of owning a carrot farm in the exotic wilderness. She tells us that her favorite thing to do after school is “Take naps” It rejuvenates the mind and helps her get another round of her beauty sleep in before the end of her day.

Chamberlain has such a bright future ahead of her and continues to bless the lives of people everyday just with her presence. To be in Chamberlains radius is such an honor. She is such an Icon and is the definition of a legend.  The woman the myth the legend