Spring break apart of the high school experience

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St. George is the best place to go for spring break as a high school student. It is so much fun because so many people go too, and you meet so many new friends. It is fun to go with your friends and also isn’t too expensive.

As previously stated, “so many people go too”. In past years, St. George has been a pretty popular place for high school students to spend their spring break at. Most, if not all, schools in the Davis School district have the same spring break dates, making it a common spring break residency.

Lots of teenagers choose to go with their friends because it’s apart of the high school experience, if your parents allow it. There are parties and get-togethers every night when in St. George.

St. George is located 4 to 5 hours from Davis County. Making the trip into a fun road trip with your friends. Also stated before, a trip to St. George is on the cheaper side, compared to other vacation destinations.

For costs, the biggest prices that would have to be paid, would be gas, and finding a place to stay. Some common places to stay would be to find and Airbnb, or a hotel.

“This year, my friends and I found an Airbnb that sleeps 16 people. We put a group together to split the cost of the house we are staying at. This made is so we only have to pay $185 total.”

Last year there was a group of teenagers that drove down and ended up camping on the rocks and just figured out their trip as they went. Which is also an option if camping is your thing.

Some activities that are also fun to do once you get down there, include sand hollow, Dixie rock, parties, etc. St. George is a super fun experience and many teenagers suggest to go at least once while you are in high school.