2022-2023 drill tryouts!

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Drill Tryouts are coming up! Drill is so much fun and a great way to become involved in the school! If you are interested, look at the information below.

Pre-Tryout clinics are on March 9- 7:30-8:45 AM, and March 16- 7:30-8:45 AM, taught by Coach Cierra and former D’ette, Halle Hunt. Parent meeting on March 10- 7:00  PM. Clinics are March 20 and 22- 3:30-5:30 PM. Tryouts are March 23- 3:30 PM.

Pre-tryout clinics are not required in order to try out but are recommended. They are super fun and show you a sneak peek as to what type of dancing will be included in the drill this year. They are taught by Cierra, a former national title-winning, UVU dance team member, and current U of U spirit team member, Halle Hunt.

Tryout clinics will be where tryout dances are taught. They are taught by the current seniors of the team. A jazz combo, a hip-hop combo, an across-the-floor technique combo, and a military combo will be taught.

After both days of tryout clinics, on the 10th, tryouts will be held. They begin at 3:30. The environment at tryouts is a bit stressful but the same as any other tryouts. You are given a number and are called into the room 4 at a time.

When called into the room, there is a set of judges, along with the 4 coaches and the 4 captains of the drill team. In the room, the 4 girls will show all the combinations learned at tryout clinics.

After all, girls have gone through the tryout process, there could be a couple of rounds of callbacks. After the coaches and judges discuss, they print out letters to all of the girls that tried out and call everyone to come to get their letters.

After everyone reads their letters, the girls that made it come back into the room and get a D’ette shirt and take pictures with each other. When everyone is done, the new, 2022-2023 D’ette’s, get dinner and shakes to celebrate.