Life after high school

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Now that high school is coming to an end for the class of 2022, a lot of discussions bring up college, moving out, etc. For the students at Davis High School, a common answer to those questions involve Logan, Salt Lake, and Orem/Provo areas.

Utah State University is a public college. USU is located in Logan, Utah, making it a common college for Davis County High School students, after they graduate.

USU’s main campus is 400 acres. About 18,000 people attend USU. In-state tuition is about $9,000, out of state tuition is about $23,000. There are also many apartments that are used for housing for students that go there.

One example of that is Millennial Towers. “Millennial Towers is the premier off-campus student housing at Utah State University. We are located just 1 block from USU in Logan Utah.”

The University of Utah is a public school. It is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. U of U is another common college for Utah students. Since it is located in SLC, many students move closer, or they choose to live from home and commute to school everyday.

For those that choose to be closer to campus, one example for housing would be the University Student Apartments. “Owned and operated by The University of Utah, the 1094 unfurnished apartment units are primarily intended for students and their families.”

Utah Valley University is a public university. UVU is located in Orem, Utah. Utah Valley University is also a common college for Davis High and other Utah Students to attend.

Utah Valley University’s main campus is about 228 acres. Total enrollment of students attending UVU is about 38,000 students. In-state tuition is about $6,000, and out-of-state tuition is about $17,000.

For housing near UVU, one example is The Green. “The Green on Campus Drive is the first student housing contiguous to Utah Valley University’s campus, consisting of 5 buildings of single-occupancy rooms, a parking structure and unique amenities to the area.”