Spring break

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With spring break coming up next week everyone is getting excited for time off school and thrilling trips.

Mia Simmons, a Davis High Senior has been getting ready to go to Costa Rica for weeks. Trying to get ahead on her homework so she has nothing to stress about after missing two days the week before the break.

A fellow Davis Senior, Emma Jones has been getting ready for her senior trip to Paris with her family this spring break. “I am excited for everything but especially Mont Saint Michel,” Jones stated.

While Simmons and Jones have very exciting trips for spring break, it is also very common for high school seniors to stay home and work to help save for college. For example, Olivia Brockman is planning on working everyday at least 7 hours a day.

Even though everyone has different plans, everyone agrees on what they are most excited for; sleep. Jacqueline Matthews explained, “I am most excited for a break with no stress and to be able to sleep in.”

Zoey Pickett and Olivia Brockman are looking forward to a true break without any homework to worry about unlike their friend’s taking calculus. “Ugh yes I have calculus and English reading to do,” Jones complained about her homework.

After debating, the group of girls could not come to a decision about if they would rather have a longer spring break or have a longer summer. “School feels so long anyways so long spring break, one week in the summer wouldn’t make a difference,” argued Matthews. While Brockman countered with, “I would rather have a week for Christmas and that’s it and then get out in April.”

“Go live your life this spring break,” -Mia Simmons 2022