Track and field team

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Davis boys tennis
April 15, 2022

Track and Field is a sport comprising various competitive athletic contests based around the activities of running, jumping and throwing.

Records of track and field date all the way back to 776 B.C. in Ancient Greece. Back then and for a long time, only men were allowed to compete officially. These were some of the most popular Games were banned. It was not until the mid 1800’s that organized track and field began its epic comeback.

Davis Highs track and field are putting in a lot work so far for their spring season. Senior at Davis, Paul Funk does long jump, 100 meter and 200 meter in track. “I like the environment, everybody is just there to have a good time and better themselves.” Paul said.

Running track or cross country at the college level is going to be an experience for anyone who has the opportunity to do so. As for Paul, he would love to have that experience. “Doing track in college would be awesome, if I could go to BYU even as a walk on, it’d be worth it to me.” Paul explains.

A lot of people don’t understand track and field that much. It can sometimes be confusing or it’s hard to understand if a team is winning or not.

“It’s not necessarily for everyone, but it gives everyone the ability to find a place to belong in it.” Paul said. Sometimes track and field are for the strong and fast kids. Their not trying to be like every other sport like basketball or baseball, which you have to have many skills to do to play that sport.

For track and field,  you can do whatever you want and how good you can do it. It’s amazing how track and field work.