The class of 22 experience

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It’s almost time to graduate. Class of 2022 will be able to move on with their lives into bigger and better things. There’s good times and bad times of high school.

You start out as a small sophomore not knowing the idea of high school or what to expect. Now class of 2022 is about to walk down a stage and get diplomas.

It’s been an interesting high school experience. Going through Covid-19.

For all of my next stories, many seniors of 2022 are going to be interviewed. Just to get an idea of what a lot of people have felt this year.

A series of seniors was asked multiple questions. Starting with question 1/8. What was the hardest thing about high school and why?

“Getting my homework done on time because I’m a killer procrastinator.” -Maddie Nacy

“Not having a lot of time/being overwhelmed by the work load.” -Kate Allen

“Bad citizenship because of ditching.” -Wyatt Henderson

“There’s been a lot of hard things that happened in high school. I think the hardest thing was trying to find my voice. With so many opinions of others around me, it was hard for me to figure out what I like and dislike.” – Hannah Davis

“Time management. There’s so much opportunity and fun out there that it was hard to dedicate the time I needed to do homework.” -Garrett Lines

“The change of how it actually matter now. That you have to work hard in your classes to do well.” -Madi Spikler

“Junior year was the hardest part of high school because I had my hardest classes, I was figuring out who my friends were, and covid made it different than I expected.” -Ashley Hintze

“The hardest thing about high school was homework. For me, it was hard to find motivation to do work outside of school.” -Luke Marriott