Seniors’ favorite memories

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Senior’s advice
May 11, 2022

It’s almost time to graduate. Class of 2022 will be able to move on with their lives into bigger and better things. There’s good times and bad times of high school. 

You start out as a small sophomore not knowing the idea of high school or what to expect. Now class of 2022 is about to walk down a stage and get diplomas. 

It’s been an interesting high school experience. Going through Covid-19.  

For all of my next stories, many seniors of 2022 are going to be interviewed. Just to get an idea of what a lot of people have felt this year.  

A series of seniors was asked multiple questions. Ending with question 8/8. What was one of your favorite memories of senior year and why? 

“I loved all the football games because of the good vibes and energy that was there.” -Emma Bough 

“ My favorite memory of senior year was the first day of marching band. Seeing all the little freshmen so excited to do things just always made my day. Some were shy but like by the end of the day they were talking to everyone and it just made me really happy to see that.” -Abdon Figueroa-Ruiz  

“My favorite memory by far was in marching band. We were playing the last chord of our field show at our last performance ever. I had thought of all the work we as a band did, and all the joy from accomplishing that work rushed to me in that moment. That was a powerful experience.” – Hannah Davis.  

“I would say this year’s Marching Band season. In the end we took second in the Western US (Farmington High). I was so happy about the work we accomplished, and LEVEL UP was my favorite show by far. There’s nothing that compares to an announcer saying your school’s name, giving it your all, and playing that last chord. I love marching band and will miss it for sure.” – Hali’alani Harris  

“One of my favorite memories was CE dance class because I got to meet new people and learn lots of cool dances.” -Kaela Wall  

“Just hanging out with my friends all day every day because I love them so so much.” -Maddie Nacy 

“It hasn’t happened yet but I think this prom is going to be crazy because my band is going to play a couple songs which I’m super excited for.” -Jayden Green  

“My favorite memories are hanging out with all my friends.” -James Olsen 

“Definitely going to state for marching band because I love it so much and don’t want to have to let it go.” -Beau Gemperline 

“Definitely St. George comp for state (marching band). The thrill of it happening and the relief of it being over was pretty epic.” – Beth Johnson  

“One time two of my best friends and I drove to antelope island in the middle of the night for fun. It was really fun and spontaneous and is definitely something I want to remember.” -Owen Bascomb