Senior’s advice

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It’s almost time to graduate. Class of 2022 will be able to move on with their lives into bigger and better things. There’s good times and bad times of high school. 

You start out as a small sophomore not knowing the idea of high school or what to expect. Now class of 2022 is about to walk down a stage and get diplomas. 

It’s been an interesting high school experience. Going through Covid-19.  

For all of my next stories, many seniors of 2022 are going to be interviewed. Just to get an idea of what a lot of people have felt this year.  

A series of seniors was asked multiple questions. Question 7/8. What do you have to say to the incoming sophomores? 

“ If you don’t like a teacher, be sure to ask your counselor to switch into a different class. If your counselor says no, don’t let them just do that to you, you definitely can get into a different class.” – Kate Bowers 

“Good luck kids.” -James Olsen 

“Don’t let what other people say about you effect your actions.” -Lily Lebaron 

“Focus on the fun experiences that you can have with your friends and have a good attitude. Instead of the hard parts of school and drama that a lot of people focus on.” Ashley Hintze 

“Make smart decisions. Also avoid relationships. Always do your homework on time, and always put school first.” Abdon Figueroa-Ruiz 

“Don’t worry about what everyone thinks of you because they probably won’t be thinking of you.” -Kate Allen 

“Don’t get caught up in your fixed mindset of what you think high school should look like. Try new things, meet new people. Also don’t judge anyone. We’re all just people trying to survive life, and everyone’s going through something difficult.” – Kenzi Ashton 

“Keep working hard and be kind to EVERYONE!” -Addy Pace 

“No one actually cares about what you’re doing as much as you think they do. Just be yourself and do whatever you want.” -Abby Chase 

“Worry less about grades and focus on making memories, while keeping your future in mind.” -Owen Bascomb 

“Don’t give a crap about what other people think.” -Sam Hirschi  

“Planning ahead is important. If you’re up to it, take those AP classes and save yourself some money in college. But remember that there is more to life than getting ready for college. Don’t rush to grow up.” -Grace Mayor