The queen herself

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Greta Svagrova
May 11, 2022

Tucker Davis and Paige Nelson in Ceramics

Madi Fulks is a super senior at Davis High School. She is a woman of many talents and the definition of an intellectual at its finest.

To start off Fulks has played on the Davis High girls soccer team for the past four years. Her favorite part about being on the team was “the friendships I made and the new people that I got to meet and get close too.”

Not only is Fulks an absolute baller but she is also an offspring of Einstein. Fulks competes on the academic Olympiad team to represent Davis high school. She says “My favorite part about being on the academic Olympiad team is the fact that I get to represent Davis and meet new people that I wouldn’t normally talk too.”

Her favorite class she has at Davis is ceramics. She is one with the ceramic gods and can whip up beautiful pots within the time frame she is given. Fulks is a crafty woman and loves to create things that dwell within her imagination.

As Fulks academic career is excelling at Davis high. She is able to continue this career due to the opportunity she has to attend BYU this fall. Fulks is still unsure what she wants to be when she grows up, but she has many potential paths she could take. Fulks says “I would probably like to be an engineer of some sort.”

With the crazy like miss Fulks has. When asked what she likes to do after school or what she does in her free time she says “I like to play soccer or hang out with my friends. I love to eat candy and gold fish to get the rejuvenation I need after a long day.”

Looking into the future Fulks says “I am excited to go on adventures and travel to cool places when I graduate high school.”

Fulks Is an icon and has so many successes in her high school career. She sure does have a bright future ahead of her and we cant wait to see where life takes her next.