Davis teacher’s viewpoints on the point of life

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What is the point of life? Many of us ask ourselves this when them seems to be no point at all. Millions of people have opinions but none of them are correct because there truly is no correct answer.

Mr. Williams is a chemistry teacher at Davis high. He believes there is no true point of life. In his own words, “People think there is some big objective in life, and without that life is meaningless. If there is an objective to life, then you now become the actor in someone else’s story.”

Mr. Williams believes that the point of life is do what you want. He believes that we should follow our dreams and do what makes us happy. His advice to living life is care about things and do not take what you have been given, choose what you want and pursue it.

Mr. Hyde, one of the history teachers at Davis, is similar in his belief that we should live our life. “Even if I had all the money in the world, I would still be teaching because I enjoy it.” He thinks we should do things that we enjoy.

Ms. Chapman is a financial teacher at the school, she believes that we should serve others in our life. Not only does serving others make them happy, but it also helps us become better people. “You don’t always know someone’s back story and sometimes a little bit of kindness goes a long way” was her way of putting it.

The advice they give us is to step back and realize that we should not be wasting time on miniscule things. We should remember a little bit of a kindness goes a long way. Finally, we should follow our dreams and live out our lives however we would like.