Davis High School staff’s opinions on vaping and marijuana

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Davis High School staffs opinions on vaping and marijuana

Vaping is a new type of electronic smoking making it taste better, easier to conceal, and well reusable when compared to Cigarettes. But that is just the good parts of it, the bad parts more then triple the good parts of vaping.

Not only does Vaping contain cancer causing chemicals, it also contains tin, nickel, and led. Led is a very poisonous metal when consumed and will give the consumer led poisoning, which could explain the feeling of nausea and chest pain.

Some people would think that marijuana is better for you because its all natural. Well that may be true, but only once you are completely developed in the brain, so don’t plan on it until you’re 25.

A teacher by the name of Bo Roundy stated that “Vaping companies target the younger generation”. His reasoning for this was “Just look at the flavors man, those fruity and sweet flavors are for kids not adults”.

He believes that vaping and smoking weed are unhealthy ways of getting high. There are other ways of getting high, which is just increasing your dopamine levels. You could exercise, hangout with friends you enjoy being around, or just doing something healthy that makes you feel really good.

Mike Criddle is the student resource officer at Davis High and he had his own opinions on vaping. He thinks there is definitely a vaping problem at this school because in his own words, “it’s just easier for a kid to run to the bathroom and take a quick hit off there vape then it is to light up a bowl in the bathroom”.

But it isn’t just the kids who ditch that are causing this problem. It’s people who use the hall pass and just take a quick puff when going to the bathroom. They don’t necessarily stay there for long, its just long enough to get what they want to do done.

They both have good advice for the students here and well everywhere else too. Roundy says “choose your friends wisely and just know there are healthier ways of coping with the hardships of life”. Mike says “nothing good comes after midnight so just be aware and cautious of who you’re with”.