Embarrassments at Davis

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Being in a school full of a bunch of different people watching you, everyone is bound to have an embarrassing moment every once and a while.

For Jessie Higley, her embarrassing moment came in late January of 2021.

She was competing in a dual meet against Northridge when she was put into an illegal Half-Nelson and her shoulder got dislocated.

“As my shoulder was hanging out of the socket and my coaches were running me out of the gym with my dad. The attention was all on me. While the trainer was looking at my arm my dad’s face suddenly turned yellow. He said he needed air and he stood up. He immediately hit the ground in the middle of the room. He woke up with a bloody face and will now be known as the most embarrassing dad in all of wrestling.”

Jessie is mortified by this experience, and will always be embarrassed when looking back.

The students at Davis have had more mild, but still embarrassing moments within the halls of the school.

Something we all can relate to, Maya Jensen shares a story that we can all relate to. “I was once just minding my own business, walking down the stairs, when my shoe suddenly slipped. I was on the floor. People walking past me, staring. I was mortified. That was the most embarrassing moment in my whole life.

Allie Erickson has echoed a similar story. “Me and my friends were walking next to each other. I was on the end. A kid walking in the other direction decided to turn around. He timed it wrong and knocked right into me. I wasn’t just slightly jolted, I was knocked onto the ground. Just laying there for what seemed like a century.”

We all have experienced these moments. Even though it may live in our minds for the rest of our lives, everybody else won’t even remember it by the end of the day.