Juhee Lee’s Marvelous Music

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Juhee Lees Marvelous Music

On April 21 at Syracuse High School, Juhee Lee and the rest of the Orchestra competed at the Regional Orchestra Festival.

Juhee has been dedicated to playing the violin for the last seven years and has reached incredible heights with this talent. Lee can play all different styles of music but her favorite genre to play is classical.

“I really like the environment and how fun the team and teacher is.” Juhee explained when talking about why she has stayed in orchestra for so long. “We can laugh, have a good time, and enjoy the music as a community.”

Juhee claims that now that everyone has been in orchestra for such a long time it easier for everyone to have a good time “We used to just go there because our parents forced their kids to play violins and other instruments. But now it is really fun to be apart of a bigger team and just have a good time.”

Right now Lee is practicing for prestigious solo that she was awarded due to her amazing musicality. In order to get one of these solos, the candidates have to go through a rigorous auditioning process to make sure that they are choosing a participant who has the best abilities.

“There is only three spots available and people who are very ambitious audition for it and I was really lucky to be awarded this opportunity.” While Juhee claims that she was lucky to get the opportunity, the truth is that she was the person that was the most capable for the part.

In order to maintain a non bias opinion on who get a solo, the orchestra teacher Mr. Kochenderfer has the students audition in front of two judges who will determine who is best for the job.

The Orchestra has moved on to the State Orchestra Festival that will take place on May 20-21.