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Spotlight on Mrs. Scott


Spotlight on Mrs. Scott


This week I had the amazing opportunity to interview Mrs. Scott she has been working at Davis High School

for 13 long years. I would recommend that everyone gets the chance to meet her at least once during their high school years. She is a study skills teacher and she only works with seniors, she helps to get them all on track for graduation! She’s a very sweet and understanding person and she’ll make sure each and everyone of her students makes it. her classroom is located in the 1400 hall. Everyone is welcomed to go in during lunch.

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Here are some interesting questions I was able to ask her.

Are you married?  “Yes, I have been married for 37 years.”

Do you have kids? ‘’ Yes, I have 4 grown children , three boys and one girl.’’

What are your kids names? ‘’ Sarah, Cody, Jake, Shane.’’

How many grandchildren do you have? ‘’ I have six and one on the way. Fours boys and soon to  be three girls.’’

Where do you live? ‘’ I live in Layton.’’

Where did you grow up? ‘’ I grew up in Salt lake city.’’

Where did you go to high school? ‘’ I went to West High School.’’

Did you go to college? ‘’ I did not go to college.’’

What was your first job? ‘’ My first job was at a retail store when I was 16.’’

What was your most embarrassing job? ‘’ My most embarrassing job was probably as a maid.’’

Have you ever taught at a different school? ‘’ Yes, I have taught at four different schools. Fairfield junior high school, Columbia elementary , Kaysville elementary , Snowhorse elementary and a school in Colorado called Cottonwood Plains.’’

Have you lived in any other states? ‘’ Yes. I lived in ( Joliet) Illinois and ( Loveland) Colorado.’’

What’s your favorite food? ‘’ My favorite food is probably anything at long horn steak house.’’

What is your favorite season? ‘’ My favorite season is probably fall, I love the smell and colors !’’

What is your favorite animal? ‘’ My favorite animal is a whale but I think pigs are super cute.’’

What is your most favorite thing about teaching?  ‘’Interacting with each kid and being able to see them improve and graduate.’’

What was your favorite subject when you were in school? ‘’The subject I loved the most was probably history but I was not a great student .’’

What do you like to do during your spare time? ‘’ I like clean my house, I also very much enjoy doing yard work and sewing and taking naps.’’

What is your least favorite food? ‘’ My least favorite food is broccoli I don’t think it should be considered a food.’’

What is your biggest pet peeve? ‘’ My biggest pet peeve are slow people and slow walkers that dilly dally.’’

What is your dream vacation? ‘’My dream vacation is to go to England or to go to Maui and watch the whales.’’

What is the best thing you have ever ate? ‘’The best thing I ever was a fresh fruit acai bowl in Maui.’’

What is your favorite store to shop at? ‘’My favorite stores to shop at are Hobby Lobby, TJ Max, Trader Joes and Whole foods or any thrift store.’’

What is your least favorite holiday? ‘’ My least favorite holidays are Saint Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving because I hate having to cook everything by my self.’’

What is your love language? ‘’ I think my love languages are probably gift giving because I love buying gifts for others and also receiving gifts.’’

What is your favorite holiday? ‘’ My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love spending that day with my family and fill it with love.’’

What is your favorite thing to buy? ‘’ I love to buy shoes, everywhere I go I must buy shoes.’’

What is your biggest pet peeve with students? ‘’My biggest pet peeve with students is when they don’t come to school or when they have their homework done but don’t turn it in I don’t like when they don’t do their edgenuity’s either.’’

If you could give a sophomore any advice what advice would you give to them? ‘’ I would tell them to make sure they go to school, to do and finish all their work, pass all their classes and put theirs phones away so they don’t fall behind.’’

What is your favorite thing to do during the summer? ‘’I like to spend time with my grandchildren and go to parks or have dinner outside with my whole family.’’

What is your spirit animal? ‘’ My spirit animal is a mama Grizzley bear because I am very  protective when it comes to my kids and my students and I get vicious if someone messes with them.’’

What is your favorite grade to teach? ‘’I love to teach seniors I love to get them prepared for graduation.’’

If you ever stop teaching what do you want to do after? ‘’ I want to flip houses, it is something that has always been in my mind and I love fixing things up .’’

When is your birthday? ‘’My birthday is on October 11th.’’

If you could learn any language what language would that be? ‘’ I think Spanish sounds really cool I would love to be bilingual and  communicate with students who need the help.’’

What made you want to help students with graduating?  ‘’I wanted to help students because I know that sometimes it is hard and you feel like you loose all motivation but I wanted to be there and support them in their needs so just seeing them all succeed is the reason why I do it and I want them to know it is important to get a high school diploma.’’

Why do you like working for Davis high school? ‘’The staff is supportive on what I do and students make me laugh.’’

What is your favorite dessert? ‘’ I enjoy eating anything chocolate.’’

What is your favorite kind of music? ( I like oldies I like going to concerts with my husband and listening to our old songs.)

What was your least favorite subject in high school? ( I have always disliked math.)

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