Teacher fashion at Davis High

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    Teacher fashion at Davis High
    Teacher fashion can be a tale tell sign of their personality. What colors they like and styles they are mostcomfortable in. Some dress for comfort while others dress formal every day.
    I went around asking different teachers about their wardrobe and why they wear what they wear. Goingto such a big school with so many teachers, it was easy to find teachers from each end of the fashionspectrum.
    Most teachers dress for comfort because they most likely stay in their room for the entire day. So, theywant to be comfortable while they do their work. Others dress nicely every day. But it is high school, soeveryone just wants to be comfortable in their own style.
    Michael Wright says that on a day-to-day basis he mostly wears stage black. “It becomes a big part ofyour wardrobe when in theatre.” The point of black is to not stand out when on stage. He says that helikes getting dressed up for the “Utah High School Musical Theatre Awards” each year.
    When asked to describe her day-to-day wardrobe, Ms. Moss said “Baggy and comfy.” When most thinkof these they might think sweatshirt and sweatpants, which can be right. However, she turns baggy andcomfortable into something chic.
    Different people dressed up for varied reasons. Some because it makes them feel confident. “When Ilook good, I feel good.” says Mr. Frey. Ms. Moss says she liked to get dressed up when she goes out ondates with her husband.
    It is interesting what different people wear on an everyday basis. What makes people feel confident andcomfortable every day. Fashion is a big part of self-expression in most people’s lives.