Story of My Life: Davis High Homecoming

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Story of My Life: Davis High Homecoming 2018 

Homecoming is a week-long tradition that high-schools like Davis carry out every year. This is a welcome back-to-school event that highly encourages the entire school’s participation. This year’s theme is “Story of My Life.” Each day of Homecoming week (September 10-15) has a specific theme. Here is the week schedule: 

Monday (7am)– A Banner Contest will be held and judged. Winners will be announced first period. Though individual students are encouraged to be involved, clubs and school organizations are the main participators.  

Tuesday (2:30-4:00pm)– Street Painting will be held in the south-end parking lot. Contact Mrs. Money to reserve a spot to paint. 

Wednesday – Homecoming Assembly (Double Assembly Schedule) 

Thursday (4:30pm)– A parade in Kaysville Junior High parking lot. Judging of parade entries will take place at 4:00pm (prizes to winners). Sunset and S’mores in the south parking lot (8pm). 

Friday – Faculty Luncheon in Media Center (11:30-1:30) 

Dart Walk (5:30) -Meet at The Point  

Tailgate Party (After Dart Walk at The Point)- Come for hot dogs, tattoos, face painting, games…(etc) 

Football Game (7pm)- Come support the football team by wearing brown and gold! 

Saturday (7-10pm)– The annual Homecoming Dance will be held in DHS Main Gym! Everyone student is invited! The cost is $20 per couple. The Davis High dress code (refer to DHS Handbook) is enforced. Moshing is prohibited and will result in ending the dance early. One person in each couple must be a current student at DHS (Photo ID is required). A photobooth at the event will allow you to take unlimited pictures!  

Without Tracey Meade, the head of homecoming, and the senior committee, this event would not be possible. Let’s give a special thanks to everyone who contributed to this event by participating in these activities. Homecoming week is the perfect way to start off the year by unifying the school. Come show school spirit!