Titans Beat out The Darts 2-1

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This week the Davis High girls’ soccer team took the field against Syracuse for the 7th game this season. After a hard-fought battle, the Darts came short to barely lose 2 to 1. In the first half the Davis and Syracuse matched each others scores 1 for 1. At the middle of the second half, Syracuse was able to capitalize on one of their offensive attacks, putting them ahead, 2 to 1. Unfortunately for the Darts, they were unable to finish any of their shots and attacks for the remainder of the match. Overall the game seemed to be very physical with Davis gathering a total of 11 fouls, while Syracuse walked away with a much lesser 3. Syracuse also seemed to beat the darts on offense, by creating 7 corner kick opportunities, while Davis was only able to achieve 3. Overall the Darts played a good game of soccer and despite the loss they are ready to come out on top in their next match against Northridge on September 4th.

In the past the Davis high girls Soccer team has been one of the best sports at Davis. Just before their 2017-18 season the Darts had achieved a National ranking, not a single loss in the previous three seasons, and numerous region and state titles. From the 2017-18 season we can see this change in dominance. The Davis high soccer team has gone from never losing and blowing teams out by double digit goals, to losing games barely scoring at all. Many fans and competitors have asked, where has this massive power gone? All though no one knows for sure, we are hoping that the soccer team can soon return to their former glory.