The beneficial capabilities of reading

Reading hasn’t always been a human trait, it has only been recently developed and although it is a recent development it can be quite beneficial.

Wyatt Ko

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My quarantine journal
April 21, 2020
The beneficial capabilities of reading

We haven’t always been able to read. The human brain developed the ability to read and understand strings of letters just 5,400 years ago. Reading is just like breathing, in the sense that we don’t realize the extravagance of the ability to read. Everyday you read something, it can be a billboard, the newspaper, and many other things. Reading is something that you cannot avoid in daily life and there are many benefits to reading.

When you are stressed try reading, although you may not think that it helps to reduce stress there is a good chance that it does help you. Reading a book can distract you from the stress that your day may bring. Fiction books have been known to be especially effective in this stress relieving technique because of their increased use in creative imagery.

Another benefit of reading that can motivate teenagers is the fact that reading consistently can increase your vocabulary and writing skill. This only makes sense because when you read, and you see a word that you do not know then you are more likely to seek out the meaning of that word and it has a better chance of sticking to your long-term memory. For school students reading can be difficult with all that they must do like homework and extracurricular activities but if you are a student just try to sit down and read for 30 minutes a day, you may not realize it but the reading helps you in many ways.