Greg Wilkey, The Most Popular Man in The District

Aidan Hansel

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Why did you want to be a principal?: Why wouldn’t you want to be a principal at DHS?, it is the greatest high school.

Why is Mr. Wilkey a good principal?: Wilkey loves aiding the growth and development of adolescents. He always told people he wanted to be a high school principal so he wouldn’t have to grow up.

What is you plan for DHS in the long run?

“No matter what school you’re in if you can help create a culture where everyone is loved, supported, and cared about. Its like a relationship, everyone feels good. Make it a good comfortable place to be, “A relationship is like a garden you have to nourish it.”

What Mr. Wilkey does outside of school?

“family time is the most important for me,” watches tv when he has time, “sports are my favorite thing to watch.” He has no time for a second job.

What is your favorite hobby?

“My favorite pizza is Hawaiian but it also depends on the time, like combination is always the best option, the hillbilly at pizza pie cafe is a favorite.” Mr. Wilkey also likes to see movies with his family and just escape for a few hours. 

How do you feel about FHS?

“I know that DHS has been the standard bearer for Davis School District and that’s big, we need to worry about what we do and how we do it so we can continue to be on the top. it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, we just need to focus on how to stay on top.”